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Social media is an increasingly popular tool for everyone around the world to connect with other online users through websites, pictures, text and videos. It has revolutionized the way business professionals can enhance, expose and market their capabilities through the World Wide Web in just a click of a button. By using these tools, anyone from a regular person to a top notch professional can share their experiences to the cyber world and market themselves or their company for career opportunities or to simply advertise their personal brand. It can also help you expand your network and social circle because it exposes you to a number of different people all over the world just by creating a social media platform. No professional in the world of business is caught dead without having any type of social media page because it is simply the most powerful tool anyone can have to boost their image.

5 Social Media tools you need to have:

1) Twitter – The first social media tool on the market is a Twitter homepage. Twitter allows you to send short posts (140 characters and below) to users who follow you. This is a way to give others an update on what you plan to do or what you are doing and it also gives an insight on what kind of personality you may have. This is a great social networking tool for those who are constantly on the go and doesn’t have time to make blog posts but still want to be connected with other fellow online users.

2) LinkedIn – LinkedIn is basically the professional version of Facebook. It allows you to connect to business professionals, co-workers, friends & family, mentors or future employers. Their interface is formed as if it was a resume therefore it covers your career experiences, volunteer work, education and many more. This is a great way to get your personal brand out and it also exposes you to people of similar interests.

3) Gmail – Having an email is a mandatory requirement when it comes to business professionals. Unlike the regular phone calls, emails allow you to attach pictures, links or videos to the recipient which can enhance your conversations. It is also one of the ways many employers contact their future candidates without having to constantly call someone. Having a professional email is definitely a must for anyone in the business world

4) Google Adwords – Google is definitely the most widely used search engine in the whole world, therefore having an advertisement up on their website can really give you a large audience. Google Adwords is an advertising tool by Google which lets you advertise your website and other pages that you may want to expose to the net. It specifically targets your market and you only need to pay when someone clicks your ad. There’s no minimum amount you need to pay and you can control how much you want to pay per month. It is a great tool for businesses who want to advertise their products on hand.

5) YouTube – The world of YouTube is increasingly becoming popular over the years and many celebrities nowadays are getting handpicked because of their YouTube videos. This tool is not limited to anyone; businesses can also use YouTube to their advantage. This social media platform allows users to upload their own videos for others to watch. This is a great way for companies and business professionals to market themselves in a creative way where people can actually watch what they are doing instead of reading off a website.

Why is social networking important?
Social networking by definition is to use social media platforms such as websites, blogs, videos and others to connect with fellow online users. So why is it important? It’s important because it’s the new way of connecting to others all over the globe. Social media platforms have millions of users who are waiting to be connected with others of similar interests and it also provides them with professionals who may be looking for a pool of future candidates. In addition to this, users who use these platforms get a chance to expose and market their abilities to an enormous crowd of netizens and they could also discuss and share experiences of their own which makes this whole community of social networking.

Why use social media?
So why should anyone use social media? Well the answer to this is quite simple, it’s because it’s the easiest and fastest way to get the word out without needing to spend that much money. If that isn’t a good enough answer, it’s also because EVERYONE uses it. Someone who uses any social media platform will automatically be exposed to millions of users everyday depending on how you advertise yourself.

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