The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People


“The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” is a book written by Stephen R. Covey that prepares the reader to dive into a change in mindset. It helps the reader to understand that there are different perspectives to the same side of the coin. A viewpoint from his perspective may be different from her perspective even though the two people are seeing the same things. It introduces the seven habits and each chapter talks about one in particular. The seven habits are:

1)      Be Proactive

2)      Begin with the End in mind

3)      Put first things first

4)      Think Win-Win

5)      Seek first to understand, then to be understood

6)      Synergize

7)      Sharpen the Saw

3 Habits that collides with my personality
The 3 habits that coincide with my personality are “think win-win”, “synergize” and “be proactive”. I feel that these three habits are in line with my personality because most of them deal with working with people and taking charge of your own decisions. “Think win-win” and “synergize” are the two habits that represents optimism towards teamwork. As a person I enjoy working with others and I feel more comfortable when working in a group. I like to think that winning and being successful as a group is a much better feeling than winning as an individual. Although becoming successful as an individual isn’t bad, it also doesn’t feel as satisfying as becoming successful with others knowing that you all put blood, sweat and tears into something special. “Being proactive” is something that will become a continuous learning experience for someone like myself. I realized that throughout my years of living that one should take accountability for their decisions because these decisions can have an impact on their life or others that surrounds them. I believe that when you come to a realization that your decisions have consequences, it will take a big weight off your shoulders and you’ll become more at ease and ready take on future endeavours.

How can I apply it to school?

I can easily apply these habits to school by using it as base for my mindset. In school, there are times where we must work with others, applying the habit “think win-win” and “synergize” can set your mindset to the right track before getting together with your group. In addition to this, being proactive in school can mean that you are taking charge of your school life, which later affects your future career. Knowing that every action you make has consequences can make you aware of your mistakes, thus giving you a chance to learn from them.

How can I apply these habits to the workplace?

These habits can definitely be applied to your workplace. These habits can open your mind to new perspectives which can become a great advantage to you in the future. Knowing that you must be proactive and take accountability for your decisions, work well with a team, discover yourself and continuously improve on yourself can help you become a better YOU for yourself and a better YOU for your co-workers and managers.

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